Report on Human Rights Practices for 2011 Country of Angola

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Remarks on the Release of the 2017 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

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National Action Plan Reference to intl. Non-judicial remedies Access to remedy: For companies headquartered in your country or their subsidiaries, has your government taken steps to enhance accountability for human rights impacts abroad? Search filters Search for. Filter type Regions Country groups Governments. What govt.

Has your govt. What are the top 5 priority issues that your government has taken steps to address? Does your National Action Plan reference intl.

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Calls on Angolan authorities to ensure in all circumstances the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with international human rights instruments ratified by Angola and national Angolan legal instruments, such as the Angolan Constitution;. Calls upon the Angolan government to restore their constitutional rights to the imprisoned political activists, to overturn the politically motivated sentencing of Rafael Marques, and to allow an independent inquiry into the events at Mount Sumi;.

Calls upon Angolan security forces to immediately stop politically motivated arrests, arrests without warrants, torture, beatings and other forms of inhuman treatment;. Calls upon the Angolan government to cease politically motivated legal charges against human rights defenders utilised as a means to silence activists and stifle the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly;.

Calls upon Angolan authorities to guarantee decent detention conditions and cease the practice of long pre-trial detentions, most particularly in solitary confinement;. Calls upon the Angolan government to guarantee freedom of expression, association and assembly, and freedom of the media;.

UPR Submission - Angola 12222

Welcomes that the Angolan government acknowledged the problems in relation to compensation in case of land seizure and that media reports suggest that the distribution and compensation mechanisms are improving; encourages the government to continue its efforts in this sense;. Calls for an independent investigation to take place on the alleged serious human rights violations by Angolan security forces towards displaced Congolese citizens, in particular allegations about sexual abuse;.

Welcomes that the EU delegation has started observing political trials in Angola, and strongly encourages the delegation to maintain and increase these efforts, while actively engaging with the Angolan authorities on these serious human rights concerns;. Requests the EEAS and Member States to systematically address human rights issues and the restriction of space for human rights defenders and civil society in Angola in its political dialogue with Angola and to ensure that human rights remain on the agenda throughout all EU and Member State relations with Angola;.

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Document stages in plenary. See also joint motion for a resolution.

NB: This motion for a resolution is available in the original language only. Whereas Angola has had a problematic human rights record for years; B. Whereas security forces have violently repressed peaceful protests on 29 July and 8 August, including attacking mothers, spouses and relatives of the detained 15 activists with dogs, beatings and batons in order to disperse the crowd in Luanda on 8 August; whereas several people were briefly detained on both days; E.

Human Rights and Social Change in Angola

These companies, in turn, then have a questionable operational track record and are held by politically connected individuals BTI International companies are advised to be cautious when seeking to do business with local partners, where beneficial ownership information has not been disclosed Global Witness, Oct. The government of Angola has a put a comprehensive legal anti-corruption framework in place, however, implementation remains poor HRR It furthermore requires senior government officials to declare their assets to the attorney general HRR There is no legal protection for whistleblowers reporting on corruption Global Integrity Freedom of expression and press are guaranteed by the constitution, but severely restricted in practice HRR The government controls the largest media outlets in the country and favors state-owned media FotP Despite the freedom of information law, it is difficult for journalists without government connections to access government-generated documents FotP The government uses criminal charges of defamation and libel to intimidate independent reporters and outlets FotP The conviction, which was meant to silence whistleblowing gave international attention to the journalist and received wide criticism Financial Times , May The law provides for freedom of assembly and association, but in practice demonstrations and organizations frequently face intimidation and harassment by the police or the government FitW Found it useful?

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